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Driveway & Patio Pressure Washing

Do you have a patio in your home design, but it is so dirty that you cannot use it? Do you want a clean patio but fail to maintain your patio? Do you love the concept of a patio but feel like the outdoors make it unfit to use?
Hiring a professional patio cleaning company like Exterior Experts can change your entire outlook towards these beautiful parts of the house.  Hire our professional patio cleaning services today and see the difference we make to your beautiful patio

Decking & Woodwork Cleaning

From garden decking to woodwork in the home exteriors, Exterior Experts help you maintain the wood you use in decorating your home exteriors. Do you have wood carvings in the exterior motifs? Do you have a garden deck that needs to be cleaned? We have the best woodwork cleaning services that clean all the woodwork in your home exterior without harming the integrity of the woodwork. Hire us today for our specialised woodwork cleaning service.
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Render Cleaning

Professional Render Cleaning

Most of the houses have rendered walls. Rendered walls are, however, not easy to clean at home. You need professional cleaning services to clean your render, and Exterior Experts is the perfect place to visit for professional intervention. Do your house walls look dull and dirty? Have your house walls missed cleaning for quite some years? Hire our team of professionals and see the difference we make to your house walls.

Roof Cleaning and Protection

The roof of the house is often neglected and not always maintained. Because of the sheer size of the area and its exposure to the outer environment, the roof amasses a lot of dirt and debris over a small period of time. Hiring the professional roof cleaning services of Exterior Experts helps in maintaining the condition of your roof and keeping it clean. Our roof cleaning expert can help maintain your roof in a usable condition.

Roof Cleaning
professional stone cleaning

Professional Stone Cleaning

Some homes have stone walls and stone carvings on their exterior. Stone walls are prone to dust deposits, algae growth and other dirt depositions. The professional stone cleaning services of Exterior Experts keep your stone walls in their natural state and shine. Hire our professional stone cleaning methods and keep your home exteriors bright, beautiful and free from decay. Homes with stone walls and stone carvings need special cleaning services depending on the stone in use.

Brick Paint Removal

Often brick walls lose their colour and shine with time. It is best to colour the walls again after some years. However, before recolouring the walls, it is important to remove the paint on the wall. Removing paint is difficult and often leaves the wall damaged and disfigured. We at Exterior Experts help in brick paint removal with our professional cleaning services. Hire us for brick paint removal serviceand give your regular brick walls a makeover.
Brick Paint Removal Services